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A perfect opportunity to enhance your experience by creating a book signing to meet Mark S. Jackson II. Your organization or group will be blown away by the life changing impact of a live Financial Education Class and Book Signing. Mark always takes a personalized approach with each reader, takes photos, and answers questions. The bonus 60 Minute Financial Education Class with leave everyone ready to Unleash Their Financial Genius. Price does not include travel fees.

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What's In The Book?

7 Keys to wealth Building

You will learn side-by-side with Josh as he is exposed to the 7 mentors—Savings, Debt, Credit, Taxes, Business, Stocks, and Real estate Investing—the 7 keys to wealth building. To save his mother’s life, all he needs to do is listen, learn, and apply the secrets from each lesson. Will he be able to learn all the secrets in time? Can he complete the challenge in time to save his mother? This powerful story will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Adventure of Knowledge

Like stories? You're in the right place. Like straight-to-the-point information to study and analyze? Look no further. RMOSB using a story to guide you through each pillar of the financial journey PLUS the specific financial lessons covered after each chapter.

Read the book...then what?

Though RMOSB isn't the first book I've authored, this is what I am irrationally passionate about. My previous best selling book was in preparation of taking my message to a higher level. And now, the story I share with others has not only evolved into this book but also additional resources and training to help readers build on the foundation this book establishes.








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